Dedicated To The Blackman is a collection of poetry dating from my early teens to the present, based on and inspired by the emense joy and pain of loving the Blackman. I share this collection to share the beauty of the journey, the intracies, the turmoil, the pain and the deep love and satisfaction that comes from loving my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual soul mate the Blackman.

To The Blackman:
You are the most glorious of God’s creations, perfectly imperfect and beautiful in every way.
You are the original. You are the other half of me. God created me from you and so we are always and forever connected. Throughout time you have been under valued and under appreciated, but never by me.
Some celebrate you, re-create themselves in your image and criticize and belittle you at the same time.
I love you, appreciate you, adore you and in some ways worship the God I see in you. Good or bad you are My Father, My Brother, My Son, My Friend, My Lover, My Teacher, My Protector, My Everything. Throughout the joy and pain of loving you, I have been inspired to pour out my heart and soul on paper, it is to you, I dedicate this work.
Keley Nicole Johnson


2 thoughts on “HOME

  1. 👊👊👊👊👊, Nice I can’t wait to read the rest, Great to see a Sister who Has No problems admitting she Loves the Black Man

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