My Island Getaway

You are my vacation,
My daily island getaway
The place where I can run barefoot in the sand, with my hair damp from the sea.
In the sand I run in loose skirts of linen blowing in the breeze exposing my bare legs and I have no shame.

You are a sip of fresh coconut water and the taste of ripe mangoes and soursoup on my lips…so sweet!

Your words ring in my ears and in my mind like the sounds of a steel band lulling me to sleep.
Your laughter is calypso, reggae and soca lifting my spirits and calling me to move
and to sway so sensuously even though people are watching.

You are the gold of the sun, the bronze sand of the beach, a place I always want to return to
because there I am free to be myself.

The sound of your voice is healing and breaks through my sadness and pain like sunshine piercing the dark clouds after a long rain.

When I think of you, a smile moves softly across my face like a Caribbean breeze, tickling my skin and making me feel so cool, easy and free.

The feel of your hand in mine takes me back in time to a place with clear blue water, sunshine, balmy heat and cooling seaside breezes that restore my soul, erase my worry and has me humming love sounds under my breath, calming me, grounding me, putting me back exactly where I should be…happy living on the island that is my own self…tell me how you got the power to do that to me?


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