I laid my heart on your altar, poured out my soul as libation and worshiped the beauty of your blackness and celebrated the mystery of your maleness.

You were my religion, my reason for being. You were the sun to my earth.

To you I acquiesced my own desires, I sacrificed my hopes and dreams to nurture yours.

I used my energy and power to comfort and console you and I used my magic to hide your failures and weaknesses from those who’s minds were fixed on destroying you.

I folded my wings around you and carried you on the wind when you were to weak to walk on your own.

When pain overtook you and weakened you, I watered and refreshed you with my tears.

As time passed,  I watched you grow stronger and overcome your difficulties with pride.

I unfolded my wings and set you on your own two feet.

You looked and me, and without a word you walked away.

Healed and whole, you didn’t need me anymore.


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