keeps me up at night
and has me dreamin’ in the middle of day
anticipating the feel of your fingers on my skin
the weight of your body
the smell of your skin
the sweetness of your kisses
my lips at the base of your neck
my tongue tracing the outlines of your ears
covering your body with kisses
the way you will look at me
and your hands pressing against the back of my neck
while you kiss me
leaving me breathless
your hands on my body
and the rhythm of your breathing
and the way you will feel
my own surrender
my letting go
my giving up
every touch
every kiss
every motion
the intensity of our energies
our shadows mingling
the combining of our scents
and our forms becoming one
our eyes locked
my fingers intertwined with yours
sweat on my forehead
and dripping down my back
biting my lip
and arching my back
and my legs shaking
fear that soon dissipates
and the bliss that will replace it
that this memory
will replace so many ugly ones
and free me
to know what I want
to ask for what I want
to receive what I want
and give you what you need in return
satisfied smiles
talking in hushed tones
your head on my chest
holding you and being held
while you caress me
rubbing your head
watching you sleep
something that I have dreamed
about in vivid color
and crystal clear sound
for so long
keeps me up at night
and has me dreamin’ in the middle of day


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