I want to you give me my freedom
yet stay in my view
want to see what the world may have in store for me
and I truly desire the same for you
but I’m selfish
I want to you to fight harder to hold me
knowing I am already free
I’m selfish
I don’t want you to understand
I want you to wallow in confusion and pain
because I do
I’m selfish
You hurt me
I know I hurt you
but now I am in pain
and I am so selfish
I know its over
but I still want you to love me
because its my only constant
I am so selfish
I want the past and the future
but the present hurts to bad
I am selfish
trying to escape the pain
the fear of the unknown
I have given so much of me
I have only a little piece
I cant go forward it hurts so bad,
I cant go backwards
because there was pain there too
so I have to be selfish
so very selfish
and pray that what will be
will be.


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