Truth Telling

Lied to about
Why and When
What, and Where
About love
and way life is
Lied to about myself
and my nature
lead to believe
everything about me was wrong
nothing was right
When you lied to
me about love
and life
you lied to yourself
hid the truth from your own soul
covered your own eyes and ears shutting out the truth
that I spoke in cries but never in anger
because I was so afraid
I tell the truth to myself now
and I know so much about me is right
exactly how it is supposed to me
I know life is more and it can be better
Love is pure, selfless, sacrificing and never dies
I tell the truth to own soul
Open my eyes to the truth you act out but don’t believe
I stopped waiting on you to be honest
with you and me
waiting for the day you stop lying to yourself
so we can both be free….and just tell the truth.


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