First Love

Bursting with sweetness like overripe fruit your love tasted like a new day and dripped sugar onto my fingers and I slowly sucked the flavor off each one and savored it.

You became intoxicating like the scent of gardenias and night blooming jasmine and I couldn’t get enough; I was filled with yearnings that were only satisfied when I was in your arms.

The feel, the taste, the scent of you lingered in my mind and I was consumed with the thought that I could not live without you. That without breathing in your breath, I would simply die.

Our love took over all reason, all rhythm, all rhyme, all space and all time. Like a dream it invaded my realities and had me believing was night was day and day was night.

A long glance and hands held became whispered words and stolen moments, a love shared but also hidden from view. Straight faced I lied to my own mother, beckoning you to my bedroom window as I called out to you in the moonlight, pretending I was Juliet.

I was too young to know the love you gave that surrounded me like peace and allowed me to escape the pain of insecurity and doubt was only a temporary fix to a brokenness I didn’t know I had.

In my innocence I thought I had found forever and a lifetime. So I gave you my soul as a gift. I did not know I would never get it back. I never believed I would survive the pain that remained when you took my joy, but the tears were slowly replaced with poignant realization and an understanding that although beautiful our time had come and past, I just wish someone had told me then that first love never lasts.Image


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